Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Finished my socks that rock

Here's my latest pair of socks and the first I've done from Socks That Rock yarn. I'm wearing them to work tomorrow. I might even cheat and also wear them to bed , they are so warm and comfortable!
I have been lucky enough for the last year to co- lead a knitting early bird club at my school. Another teacher and I knit for about 45 minutes three times a week with a group of our students who are in grades 3 to 5. We have a great time. I can't think of a more relaxing way to start the day.
We work in my office around a long table and when the girls( so far no boys) don't need our help we knit along with the students. This is our last week with some of the girls, some will return for the second semester and some are going to try a new club. We are having a little breakfast on Thursday to celebrate and the girls are displaying some of their hand knit products. I brought my camera into work today and although I really wanted to take a picture of the girls' work and you will see Robyn's bunny next, this is the most recent quilt that I made. It is called Wheels of Mystery. I brought it into work to show, hung it up then realized that I spend more time at work then home and just kept it here. I just love Robyn's bunny. The girls have made so many of these and they all look different and everyone loves them. It's hard to believe that they really are just a rectangle or sometimes a trapazoid with extra knitted ears!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Some yarn followed me home.

There must be a type of denial or delusion that takes over every time I think of being around yarn and not bringing some home!
I went to the knitting party at AC Moore and got the chance to visit, shop and knit with some of my knitting friends from both Monday and Tuesday! There was no yarn at AC Moore that really needed to come home with me so I left after knitting for a bit on my STR (sock that rocks) second sock but I was sitting on a stool and it really was not comfortable so I headed over to the Knitting Gallery SALE. I ran into 5 knitting friends there also in search on wonderful yarns at a bargain! I thought that I was almost out of there with only one little ball of sock yarn when I saw the Blue Heron Rayon Boucle in Rain Forest. Well, it's home with me and already started into a Knitpick Drop-Stitch Twisted Shawl! AND There's another knitting outing at Michaels on Sunday !!!!!!!!

Felted slippers deskidded!

I knit a pair of fuzzy feet for my daughter for Christmas and my sister and two nephews wanted them also. SO I promised out three pairs of fuzzy feet and also three more Lucy bags within a few minutes on Christmas morning. I've been working on these impulsive promises since. Now all the slippers are done and I'm still 1/5 done with the last Lucy bag. Today the local AC Moore is having a knitting event and I'm going to take my Lucy bag and two pairs of socks and just go to see what it is all about. I'm just hoping that NO yarn follows me home. I might pick up a little yarn for my early bird knitting club and I'm always looking for needles for them.
My jaywalker socks are lurking on the edge of the picture. I just can't seem to get really going on them.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Finally, Friday is here. It was a long week at work and I'm feeling half sick AND very tired. So instead of going out with friend for dinner tonight, I ate at home, put on my warn nightgown and I'm curling up with my STR sock. I don't have second sock slowness on this one. I just can't wait to finish it and wear them!!! I would love to wear it to my knitting group on Monday.
I did get about 1/5th of my latest Lucy bag done Thursday when I stayed at work to knit with the other teachers. I have to remember to NEVER EVER promise to knit three of anything again so impulsively !

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another Lucy bag felted!

Well, here the finished bag is stuffed with a towel and drying for a few days. A STR sock is cuddled up to it. I can't wait to finish the other. In person the colors are just great. I'm going to ignore the fern Lucy bag and knit on the neglected sock until I fall asleep.

Another Lucy bag being felted!

Well, four done and one to go! I finished my niece's bag and cast on another for my daughter's co worker's ! I'm doing the fifth of these bags in WOA fern. It will be my last for a while although I do want another felted bag for myself.
I knit with a group at Border's Cafe last night for three hours. I can really get a good chunk of knitting done in three hours. Jake's slippers are waiting to be felted and then I can put the non slip sole on his and Carols' THEN STOP KNITTING for other people for a while.
I am considering either finishing a sweater I started this summer OR casting on an Einstein coat or sweater for myself. I would like to have both finished by spring when I can get out of a winter coat! BUT I also have so much sock yarn calling my name.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Here's my main knitting obsession for the last year. During 2005, I completed 13 pairs of socks. My favorite pair is the stripped on the front right. They actually sparkle!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Starting again

I started this a long time age then promptly forgot about it! Now that EVERYONE has a blog and I have a new digital camera I think I'll start again.

I'd like to use this space to share my finished knitting and other craft projects and park the button I want to get for joining the yarn harlot's Knitting Olympics!

I cast on a new Lucy Bag for my niece, in chestnut WOA from Knitpicks. This is my fourth Lucy bag and the next to last one I have promised. I made one for myself then one for my daughter and impulsively promised three on Christmas Day!!!!

So now I have actively going three projects, a pair of jaywalker socks, a pair of toe up socks in STR and the ongoing ever present Lucy bag! I'm not going to even mention all the half and totally forgotten WIPs!