Sunday, October 04, 2009

Getting Back to Normal!

The last few weeks have been wild. I've had a surgery which I hope will help me to get healthier and loose weight. I'm returning back to work on Monday. As difficult as it was to have my procedure done, I had lots of free time to knit and rest.

My grandmother fell in the beginning of September and broke her hip. Breaking a hip is life changing for someone a few days away from 98. Since then she has been from hospital to hospital rehab and yesterday to a subacute nursing home. She and my mother are confident that she will be "home" in a few days/weeks whatever. I'm not so sure. I think staying in the nursing home might be her new normal. Please keep her in your prayers so that the new normal for her is clear and not so hard to decide.

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Katya said...

Aw, bless her dear heart, Frances! A tough decision and a hard one for your mom, I am sure.

Hope you are doing well at school. Being at home can indeed drive one up the wall....especially with two kids, two Scotties, and one husband. Just ASK me!!! hehehehe

Will keep your, your mom, and grandmother in my thoughts and prayers!