Sunday, December 30, 2007


Where has my vacation gone! I'm lucky to work in a school so I know that I get very generous vacations BUT this one seems to have shot by with the speed of ? (well not my knitting needles!) I had planned to get in lots of rest and wanted to have my neverending Kauni sweater done. I really think that the sleeve unravels itself after each knitting session.

Yesterday, I got some sock knitting in while visiting my friend and some very special knitting on her last project. I was grandma sitting (she's 96 and frail but sharp as a tack) for a few days. She is the grandmother who taught me to crochet (which I hate). She never seems to ask for anything but I spend all day doing one little thing or another. In some ways it is like having a small child around. Life is dominated by meals, secret naps and trying to allow her independence without putting her in a dangerous situation.

Today, I am feeding the twin addiction of quilting. I'm going with my mother to a quilt shop for her to buy material for a quilt for my oldest niece. I still rememberthe quilt I made for Laura when she was born.

I'm hoping the finish the Kauni sleeve today, I want that sleeve done before 2008!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm back!

I just looked at the date of my last post and I can't believe how long it's been since I posted last. I'm feeling SO SO MUCH better, almost back to normal. I'm still seeing the chiropractor and I'm getting back to almost normal energy.
I decided to really simplify this year partly from necessity and partly because I just want to make thing less complicated and stressful. My daughter and my almost daughter put up a real tree and decorated and I helped but we didn't go so crazy. Christmas Eve was supposed to be easy, just six people, my mother, grandmother, my two kids, and my associate daughter. At the last minute my sister and her family rang the bell. Their plans were canceled and they were going to just say hello then eat at a restaurant. NEVER so we rearranged and had a great night and I still had leftovers!

The rest of vacation has been very pleasant, lots of family time and getting together with friends. My usual Tuesday knitting group came to my house Thursday night for coffee, desserts and knitting. I really had a nice relaxing evening.

One of my oldest friends is at the end of her long struggle with lung cancer. I've been visiting and bringing food to her family while she is home on hospice. We used to sit and knit together much earlier in her treatment and some days because of the fog the chemo left her in I would redo most of what she had done during the previous week! Today her daughter asked me to finish off the last scarf she was making so I sat near her bedside and bound it off and tried to make my stitches as tight as Beth's. I'll really miss her.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

December 9th

I've been very quiet on this blog because since a few days after Halloween I've been mostly sick. I've been to the Doctor's office or hospital more times then I've been at work! The first two problems were treated but I'm left with neck, back and siaciata (sp) like pain which is knocking me for a loop. My family doctor wants me to follow up with an ortho but I'm thinking of seeing a chiropractor first. Some days I can knit but most of the time all I try to do is get into a comfortable position and not hurt! I'm feeling a little better and I plan on going back to work on Monday so wish me luck!

BTW, I finished my Noro Vest from Folk Vests EXCEPT for the sewing on of the side panels and blocking. I just hope I can get that done soon.