Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not much knitting but lots of other things going on

Is everyone else melting out there? My AC bit the dust a little over a week ago! There is one small chance of getting it going again BUT I spent a lot of time this week buying TWO window units, lugging them home myself and putting them in. My windows tilt out so I can only keep part of the house cool. I spent most of last week painting, rearranging and getting the downstairs ready for Bob to come home. He is coming home on my birthday, August 5th just for a trial, from 11 to 6. Hopefully he will come home for good on August 14th. We will start with home health care then transition to hospice when he needs more services. We had a frustrating doctor visit on Friday. Through miscommunication my poor husband was carted off by ambulance to see an orthopedic who would not see him BECAUSE he is post surgery!!!! Well DUH that was carefully explained when the visit was being set up!!!!! You would have thought that he would have share that little tidbit BEFORE we paid for an ambulance etc. It has taken Bob all weekend to recoup from the visit. After lots of venting on my part and much apologizing from the staff we are now are working on setting up an appointment with the first surgical deity who cannot be usurped by the local deity. He has an appointment with a pain management doctor Monday afternoon and I hope that he has some ways to help Bob. He is in constant pain and if that could be addressed things would be so much better! I'm up to the heel flap on my latest STR club sock and just about up to the cuff on a very nice sparkling sock. I need some sparkle in my life now. I made and gave away three of the petal bibs from the One Skein book and the Moms were thrilled with them. I had to reassure them that they really are made to be used!!!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Two Finished Projects and what's going on now!

I've been knitting with Sugar'n Cream the last few days. A real change from the sock yarn kick I've been on for months! The first is a bib from One Skein by Leigh Radford and the kitchen mat which was inspired by the Mason Dixon crochet bath mat.
The bib was challenging to make with following the short row shaping but really fun. I'm going to trim the fringe on the mat but it really is very soft and cushy.
Yesterday, Bob and I met with a nurse from a hospice program as suggested by his doctor. We have not decided if we are ready to use hospice services yet. I hate this whole insurance scramble. It seems like a cruel game. You need this, but they will give you some of it---- if you handle EVERYTHING perfectly, jump through each and every hoop, and anticipate all contingencies perfectly! Tracking down his doctors, getting information from the insurance companies,whose's a provider who is not etc.
I really want to concentrate on taking care of Bob and myself and so much of my time and energy goes to managing these other details. Right now the plan is for Bob to see a spine specialist July 28 and hopefully get a more comfortable brace and better pain management. I am hoping for him to come home mid to late August. We are trying to figure out the home care, pain management etc. Caroline and I are working on setting up the family room floor for Bob. He will have a bathroom, kitchen ,family room and bed all on one level and wheelchair ready. My friend is lending me a ramp and one of those scooter motorized chairs. Hopefully Bob will be able to be comfortable and we will see what will happen!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Opposite of Socks

I started working on a project today which has to be as opposite as possible from socks. I've been eye balling the bathmat in Mason Dixon Knitting BUT I do not crochet and I'm not about to start now! SO I decided to BUY size 17 needles and use three strands of Sugar and Cream and using a modified log cabin approach I'm knitting a kitchen sink rug. I just want a cushy rug to sink my toes in while I do the dishes or just gaze out the window! I already have a square about 14 inches done. It would take me a life time to do this in sock yarn on size two needles! I'm not ready to talk about what is going on with Bob yet but please keep us in your prayers and good thoughts. We REALLY need them.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another pair done!

Here's my latest sock, done in between running (actually slowing pushing a wheelchair) to physical therapy and OT with my husband and WAITING on hold on the phone and trying to understand the in and outs of insurance. Who pays for what, from which provider etc!!!! It's a FULL TIME job. I can't understand how someone like my husband who is not up to all this would actually be able to do all this in a hospital bed with very limited energy and limited access to a phone. I keep coming home and knitting like a crazy women and deadheading every flower my my garden that does not run away from me!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Can bones hurt?

I have been very busy the last few days doing outdoor chores and refinishing some outside furniture. My daughter and some of her friends have been helping me get the spring outside work done and getting the family room floor wheelchair ready for Bob. He will have everything he needs on one floor. We are painting ,replacing some rugs with smoother flooring and dejunking. We have to add rails and remove the thresholds. I can't just watch them work so I've been working along with them and then just keeping on by myself. ALL my muscles hurt and I think even my bones! The only exercise I've been getting is knitting! Caroline had her oldest best childhood friend sleep over last night so I got up early this morning and made a double batch of my cream scones and Becky's banana muffins. We had some and then I brought the rest to the nursing home for Bob and the weekend staff. I had breakfast in the backyard, and read the paper there, that alone makes all that yard work worth it! Now I'm going to make myself a light cold latte and try not to move anything except my knitting fingers for the rest of the night!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Three June Socks and Bob was on his feet today!!!!

Here are the three pairs of socks that I made in June mostly while visiting with Bob. I have a single sock made from two more pairs and soon I'll post them. Bob got out of his wheelchair, held a bar and kicked out with each leg six times to each side and then used a walker and WALKED about 40 feet! He was so excited we were both near tears. He did sleep most of the afternoon to rest from this big feat. We are hoping that he can return home at some point with home healthcare. I just had to order more sock yarn (really I have nothing suitable for him) because he is complaining that with all this knitting he has not gotten a pair. He has forgotten the pair he destroyed the Christmas of '05. I am not in the mood to fight with him about!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th

Wow, where does time go! It's been a while since I posted but I hope to get caught up now that school is finally out! I've been spending lots of time with Bob at nursing home. He is making lots of progress (at least in my opinion!). I'm also zipping along on socks, have three complete pairs done, one orphan sock waiting for it's partner and one on the needles. I need to take pictures! Have a great 4th!!!!