Sunday, January 20, 2008

No Blogging but Some Knitting Done!

I mean to blog every day, and I hope to blog at least weekly but if I'm not more careful it will become monthly!

I've been super busy at work. We are on a big learning curve in the NYC public schools. I'm not positive that everything I'm learning to do is helpful to our main goals with kids. NYC is in testingmania. I hope there is a swing to the middle soon!

I was doing the FO dance last weekend. I finally finished my Kauni sweater and I even wore it a few times. My goal is to wear it for at least as many hours as I worked on it, which right now seems like a million. I also finished a Noro vest and did a quilt top for a baby quilt for a teacher I work with. As soon as I get a chance I'll post pictures of each of them.

I started immediately on the Central Park Hoodie in Malibregio and I just finished the back. SO, most of my house is clean, grocery shopping done, laundry completed and I am planning on visiting my mother and grandmother today. My grandmother took a fall a few days ago and while she did not break anything she has a nasty cut on her leg and can't go out for a few weeks. I had planned on taking them out today but instead I'm bringing dinner to them and will visit for the day. I'm bringing my knitting so that I'll have the patience to stay for hours!!!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Thoughts on the New Year and my friend's pasing

I 'm not a big New Year Resolution writer anymore. I used to write them every year, stuff the list away with some part of the Christmas paraphanalia then be dissapointed when I would look at it the following year. One thing I realized about these lists after the mandatory resolutions about weight and money was that most of the resolutions were about how I wanted other people in my life to change.

Last Fall, I was listening to the radio and a Rabbi was talking about what the Jewish New Years means. She spoke about each person using three concepts for guidance. First, develope a spiritual life, second, repair, build and improve relations with family and friends and last fight for justice each day. When I first heard this the first year anniversary of Bob's (my husband) death had just passed. I was feeling an empty spot because I had taken care of him for so long then worked to make meaning of his death and feeling of bereavement.

These three concepts have been so helpful. I have really tried to apply the second to my mother. I can loose my patience with herso easily instead of looking at all of her good qualities.

My friend passed Friday about five minutes after I had my last visit with her. I am very grateful to her family that they allowed me to share in their taking care of her in her last days. It brought back so many memories of taking care of Bob while he was on hospice care and I do think that I was able to share some of my experience with them. Yesterday, I brought over a big Italian meal to the family so that they would have something home cooked to eat after making the final arrangements. I doubled what I was making and froze half to save for when we finally get around to celebrating my son's 25th birthday.

I know that Beth used these three principles every day. She was a deeply spiritual person, has a wonderful relationship with her husband, children, grandchildren and many friends and did volunteer work every day that brought comfort and understanding to a suffering part of our community. I will miss her.