Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where did My Vacation GO?

I go back to work on Monday. As much as I love my job being on vacation also has it's perks!

I went on a yarn crawl Wed with three fellow knitters. We went to three yarn shops, one near a famous university in NJ was too snooty for my taste But the other two were great. We went to Wooly Lamb in Pennington where I got some multicolored boucle mohair for a shawl at my favorite price 50% off, then we went into the shop next door a---- QUILTING shop and I got a new pattern and fabric to make an apron for swap. Then we had lunch at a rib restaurant, and off to Twist in PA. I love that little shop. I got a great pattern for an entrelac jacket/sweater and some organic yarn to make a soft toy for a baby. NOT so bad for me trying to cut down!

Yesterday, I went to the airport and picked up up my neice in from California, we had a nice visit before I dropped her off at my daughter's job. That's youth---- fly in a airplane ALL night get up, freshen up in a airport restroom, look great -- then be ready to work all day and go out all night!

Somehow, I've come down with a strep infection in my throat and ear, so today I feel pretty low. I'm on my third day of meds so I should be feeling better soon.

Very little knitting done , just more work on one of my sweaters.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stash Hide Out Reorganized!

I am showing this "reorganization" for two purposes.
First, it should be a wake up to me about HOW MUCH of this stuff I have because this is NOT ALL!!! I have many more baskets in a corner of the family room and even more in a room up stairs! AND I am going on a yarn crawl with friends Wed. Now if my friends see this they should NOT allow me to buy more. Well maybe buttons?

Second, if you think this is a mess you should have seen it before! I need to go through it and fold and sort and toss but somehow something else always calls!

AND here is the real sick thing--- I have 40more skeins of yarn on the way from various coops and orders! Oh well, if I live long enough to knit and quilt my way through this stuff, I'll be here forever!

Floor ----to be continued!

My friend's husband started working on my floor early yesterday, and things were going fine--- most of the family room is done UNTIL he slipped and severed part of the tips of two of his fingers. WOW, did that perk us up. Fortunately, his wife is a nurse and she works 5 minutes from my house so she had him rushed to the ER in record time. They were not able to reattach the severed pieces although we did wrap them in clean wet paper towels saved in a baggie. today he is home and needs to follow up with a plastic surgeon but probably will be fine. So the downstairs is on hold BUT I finished the floor in my yarn and fabric closet or that spot where fabric and yarns go to rest until they are called to serve!
Maybe a picture tomorrow!

Meanwhile, I'm clean out and sorting etc. The only knitting is dish/wash cloths and they are for swapping partners.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all who celebrate. I've been baking for a few days to get ready. I made over a dozen loaves of Italian Easter Bread with the eggs tucked into the braids, a blueberry/raspberry pound cake, a tray of brownies and my usual cheesecake.

All the prep work for the floor is done and at 8:00 AM Monday the floor starts going down. YEAH for finally having a clean and cleanable floor!

I'm making an early quick trip to the nursing home to visit my hospice lady and bring her some Easter Bread and the cheese doodles she really wants then I'm off the spend Easter with my family at my sister's newhouse in CT. Yes, life is good. And all the knitting I've gotten done is a few quick dish/wash cloths!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Back Again!

Well, it's been over a month since I posted. The usual excuses, too busy, too tired, etc. Work has been a bear and as usual I'm involved on another improvement project in my house. I have one of my daughter's friends who is an electrician replacing the oldest ugliest fan in my living room with a pretty pendant light and actually installing a light over my dining room table, repairing and replacing outside lights and just moving and replacing old stuff. THEN I had a flood in my downstairs level, due to my own carelessness with my washing machine. It was a blessing in disguise as now I am finally replacing the LAST of the wall to wall carpeting my my house. The old rug was scarred with Bob cigarette burn marks and when wet smelled of the gazillion kitty and puppy accidents AND a huge burn mark when I dropped an iron years ago! Soon, like today or Monday I will have new flooring in the living room, kitchen and foyer!!!!!!! The down side was moving EVERYTHING from my fabric and yarn stash or should I say grave yard of projects.

In spite of all this and mega work at my school I am almost finished with knitting MR Foster,just have to finish off his head, I've been working on a sweater from Interweave and I'm going to get started on my Hanne F sweater again. In addition to several quilts I have in my mental line up. It almost makes furniture moving seem lass stressful!