Sunday, December 13, 2009

knitters are the best friends!

Every Tuesday night I knit with a very special group of women. We mostly all met through knitting but have really become a special close knit group! Saturday night we had our annual Holiday party at my house.

We did what most people do during a party, ate and talked and laughted! This year we did a secret swap and it was so much fun, researching your partner and trying to make the perfect box!

I love what my partner gave me and I think she loves her treats especially the shawl I knit for her. A friend of mine made a special gift for me a traveling Women shawl in red!!!!! I just love it, I also received a great ornament, a clear plastic ornament with some knitting on TOOTHPICKS place in it! How clever was that?!?


Katya said...

Wow, Frances, I haven't been here in THIS long? Ugh. Life is so hectic with running Michelle to school three days a week!

How beautiful!!! It sounds like you got some terrific goodies at the party! The ornament sounds very intriguing, which I envy your other gifts!!!! Hope you had a good Christmas!!!

rjturbot said...

I had to go out and find all the Soapnuts...I miss everyone posting on the group. Nice to see your other handiwork, Miss Frances!
Jackie in FL