Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just checking in

I keep meaning to write in this blog but somehow after I read everyone else's blog, think about what I want to post, work on my various projects, I don't get it done! I spend Mother's Day with my mother, grandmother and my two children. We went out to eat, then my daughter took us to see her new apartment. She is moving out of the dorm and sharing a condo with a friend. Very cute place and so neat. It seems that the roommate can get her to to be neat---something I certainly never had success with! There is a river and water falls behind her building with a tennis court and swimming pool. Not bad for a struggling college student. I wore my new shawl made from Blue Heron Rayon boucle. I love the way it feels and looks BUT it kept getting caught on my earrings! I finished the STR club socks and already wore them. I still need to take a picture of them. I already started on another pair in Koigu, just my generic toe up sock. I'm amazed about how much quicker I can work when there is no pattern just mindless knitting with the yarn doing the work. Now I need to ignore the socks and work on the quilt I am giving my friend for her wedding shower. It has to be ready for Sunday and still need to pick threads, and hand sew on the binding. I should clean up the threads as go but I never do.

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Denise in PA said...

I love that shall! And, I have that ear ring snagging problem too! Great pic of the family!