Friday, November 14, 2008

working too much

Last week end at Stitches was great. We ate, knitted, went to classes, visited, shopped and in general were dazzled by wool fumes. I learned how to make Lapland Handgarments--- A fancy way of saying mittens from near the Arctic Circle. It was a very interesting folk art technique. I also learned how to knit backwards.(finally)

This week at work was very stressful. I was ready to retire and just live in my car! This weekend I'm going with my sisters to visit my uncle who is sick. Although the reason for the trip is sad it will be nice being with my sisters. I AM going to finish the everlasting gansey.

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Katya said...

Gads, I have not visited your blog for some time!

Knitting backwards? LOVE IT! Reaize, I AM left-handed and do most everything in life backwards. Well, to RIGHT-handed people, anyway!

Sorry about your stressful week. That is the pits. I certainly hope the weekend is relaxing!