Sunday, November 02, 2008

Just Another Lazy Sunday

It's hard to believe that November is here already and Thanksgiving less then 4 weeks away. Work is very busy. I have been going to so trainings and meetings that I never have time to do what I actually consider my job and next week is going to be worse! One of my uncles passed away. It is so hard to see that whole generation of my family just fading away. So Monday I am taking the day to go to his funeral. Tuesday is Election Day so the teachers work but no kids are in school. This is a big PD day for me. Then Wed and Thursday are normal days and I'm taking Friday as a personal day to go to Stitches. I was supposed to go to yet another training on Monday but I've rescheduled which is good as now maybe I can practice a little of what I have learned! I think that looking at data is important but right now NYC is going overboard with tracking and measuring. It's like the Emperor's New Clothing except many people are speaking up, they are just being ignored.

I've made friends with the endless gansey again. I had FAR TOO MANY stitches in the sleeve. I don't know why sometimes I follow directions even when they seem wrong and other times knit sweaters without directions! I've gotten the design done and a few inches and it does seem normal.

I went to a party last night and had a nice time, but with the clock changing got up very early this morning went shopping, did laundry etc but now all I want to do is take a nap, watch TV and maybe quilt or knit and so I think that today I will just do what I want!

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Katya said...

Frances,I cannot believe you are EVER lazy! You are amazing at all you accomplish!

Good for you taking a day off to enjoy! The weather has been so unbelievably WARM this week...hope Friday remains nice for you!

Oh, and BTW, Newark is NOT far from me. Not sure how far it is, but I think maybe about an hour?
Let me know and maybe we could meet somewhere! That would be so cool!!!!