Sunday, December 21, 2008

So who is ready?

I've been home since Wed. I sleep, knit and get up to do a little then sleep again! Caroline has been working or out so Katie has been a huge help.
The shopping is done, the food for Christmas Eve bought and the house clean and decorated. All I have to do is survive two days at work and cook.

The only way I'm as far as I am is because I'm not doing 1/10 th of what I used to do. Not one person but me even seems to notice. No holiday knitting, way fewer gifts or even gift cards then in the past. Less decorating and less obcessing over over every single thing!

I'm working on finishing up my projects on my Ravelry list so I've been working on the MIstaken Rib Scarf and then next I'll work on finishing my circular jacket and then I'll decide about the Lady Feb sweater and the trial knitting sweater from the "famous" designer who asked us to try it out then just left us all high and dry with HER mistakes, corrected them and now will sell us the pattern!


Katya said...

I am glad you are able to rest! You actually have school next week? Egads!!!!

Well, in all honesty, Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus, and we all have a tendency to diminish that as we get absorbed in shopping and driving ourselves crazy!!!

I am glad you are out of the hospital for Christmas...that would be tough being there over the holidays!

So good that Caroline and Katie are around in the event you need help! Keep on knitting, Frances...but don't forget photos!!! (only when you feel better!)

Siercia said...

I am COMPLETELY not ready. I spent two weeks between T-day and Christmas out of the country, and I'm still trying to get caught up. Not good.

Glad to hear you're feeling better but taking it easy! Have a wonderful holiday!