Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Woolbearers Yarn Trip

Yesterday, I took a drive to one of the nicest yarns stores in New Jersey! I LOVE Woolbearer's. It is a nice size store not jam packed so no feelings of claustraphobia or dustitis and long forgotten shelves of garbagio! I think they have just about everything you need in yarn there. AND Myra who was there is so helpful and know the inventory AND actually listens to what you want instead of pushing the flavor of the month yarn on you or the most expensive stuff she can triple strand!

I didn't get much, just a few skeins of Boku as a replacement for the Silk Garden Noro a swap partner wanted, size 10 1/2 double pointed needles (yet another pair is missing) and a few great buttons for my Noro Vest AND the Wallaby Pattern which was a return to nostalgia for me. I just recently found Caroline's first passport. She is so cute in the picture and wearing a Wallaby I made for her!

My friend, Kaye bought yarn for three projects, I don't think Kaye needs to yarn shop for a year. She is so disiplined that she is actually waiting for finish her WIP BEFORE casting on one new thing! If I'm not driving I've been known to cast on in the car on the way home!!!

We also went to a tiny quilting shop in a quaint old barn or garage. I got the perfect material for a baby quit I need to make and picked up a Christmas throw quilt kit. Now here is my ethical quandry. When I went to use my debit card to pay I was missing it so I was concentrating on searching for my card was not paying any attention to the women who was ringing up my order. I had to pay by check. Now the last time I was there I wound up paying for patterns which were mixed up in a basket of free patterns. (My card was resting safely at Woolbearers) So when I got home I looked at my receipt and realized that the women checked me out incorrectly. The Christmas kit was marked $59.95 but the pattern for the kit was in the front and still marked $7.00 so I was charged 40% of $7 not 40% almost $60. If I had spotted it in the store I would have corrected it. Now I don't know what to do. Part of me just wants to say well these things happen, I was over chaged in a different Quilt shop recently and did not get it corrected. When I asked my Knitting Group the concensus was to leave it alone because if I called the store I might get the women checking out in trouble. Any ideas?


Katya said...

What a fun outing, Frances! Wow, wish I could tag along, just for the ride! (I am going nuts being at home all the time!!!!)

Boy, I understand your dilemma...I cannot sleep at night if someone goofs up my order. Just me, but I tend to feel SO guilty. I was at the grocery store a couple weeks ago and picked up a pair of Sabres (hockey) earrings for $5.99. I placed them in my cart and continued shopping, buying all sorts of stuff. I self checked out and paid the amount. When I got out to the Explorer, I placed everything in the back. I picked up my purse, and there, under it were the earrings. I raced back to the store and went through the checkout. I went to the Express line as it was further to go to self-checkout. When I explained to the young girl what happened, she looked at me like I had four heads! She thought I was crazy! I have found thatmany times when I have pointed out I was wrongly charged, the store doesn't want to deal with the paperwork to correct the amount....they just wave me off. But, at least I know I told them! BUT, I would also call the shop I was overcharged at as well. I certainly don't want to be accused of taking what isn't mine, but I also don't want to overpay!

Katya said...

Happy New Year, dear Frances!!!!!

May God bless you and may 2009 be an extra-good year for you!!!!!

zoesmomdebbie said...

even though I'm a month late in answering, I would call Myra and tell her. Chances are good that she will tell you not to worry about it because the mistake was on the part of the person who rang you out, but at least she will remember your honesty and you can quit feeling queasy about it.