Monday, March 02, 2009

quilts and snow

I hate snow and cold weather. I should have been born in a warm climate. If I could just stay in until ALL this snow is gone I'd be happy. I worked non stop on these two baby quilts Sat and Sunday. Today we have a totally unexpected snow day so I was able to finish them! Now that these are done my daughter tells me that another of her friends is expecting. I feel like I am in the middle of a baby boom!


Gail from Surrey said...

Your quilts are really gorgeous. What fortunate babies. They are truly being wrapped in love. I hope that a warm Spring is just around the corner for you!

Katya said...

Frances, those are gorgeous quilts!!!!! Wow! Caroline's friends are very fortunate, indeed, to have you making such wonder-filled gifts to greet their wee ones!

I windered about you as I heard the storm was moving into New Jersey! We got nothing from the storm except COLD! There were slight lake effect flurries, but amounted to nothing.

Keep warm! I hope you have a nice warm quilt for yourself! I love how the pooch is enjoying the view from the window, along with the quilts!!!!!

Katya said...

ummm....I REALLY didn't "winder" about you, but wondered!!!!!!!
(phat phingers!!!!)

LittleRed said...

Those are both absolutely beautiful:)