Friday, August 18, 2006

August 18th

I have no knitting ,quilting or soaping content to talk about in this post. I have not been able to quilt or touch knitting needles since Monday. We had Bob's funeral on Wed. and I believe that his life was celebrated by the number of people who came to support us and remember him. My daughter and I made a collage of pictures of him and that was the most healing act for me. I have the picture of his face in pain in my eyes and seeing him in happier times and remembering what he used to look like helped. I can't be in the family room right now. There is a HUGE hole in the room where his bed was. I went to IKEA yesterday and bought a work table to put there. I'm going to move my computer, sewing machine and yarns etc down there. Right now it's the little things that side swipe me. I made an appointment to have the dog groomed and the groomer said, "Where's Bob been?" She went on to mention that Bob used to walk the dog over near her store to visit with a stuffed bear outside the florist next to her. They were wondering if something happened to Bob or the dog. I am going to my afternoon knitting group today, then out to dinner with friends and on to a planning meeting for a workshop I participate in every year. Last night I had dinner at my mother's house. Steven goes back to Hawaii on Sat and Caroline goes back to school soon also. BOY, this house is going to be empty!!!

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Anne in NJ said...

Fran--My heart aches for you and your family. Such a rough summer for you all. You and your family have been in the prayers of many and I know those prayers continue for your healing. I hope to see you soon at knitting.
Anne Burton