Thursday, August 03, 2006

Still melting

Well, lots has changed since Friday. Bob had an appointment with a pain specialist Monday afternoon. After a bone jarring ride in the ambulance which left me with a back ache we met a doctor who was the exact opposite of the puffed up a** we saw on Friday. He actually listened to Bob, was patient and waited for him to speak then outlined his options. Bob has decide to begin hospice services in the nursing home and do a bit more of physical therapy then come home ASAP! We met with the visiting nurse service they signed him up, had a medication review with medication specialist and we were told how grossly under medicated he has been for his pain! New order were written and now a few nurses are dragging their heels at giving him the "Amount" of medication he is receiving. TOO bad, I want him comfortable and home. If they don't get with the program, I'm just going to bring him home in a few days and do the physical therapy at home. I'm so glad that the hospice nurse kept telling him he has a right to be comfortable and pain free as much as possible NOT trying to tolerate as much pain as possible! I finished another petal bib and a garterlac wash cloth BUT the darling daughter filled my memory card with trashy pictures from the beach so you will have to imagine them!


trek said...

Good for you sticking to your guns! Bob deserves the dignity of as little pain as possible and scr3w those who disagree!

Jackie said...

I thought the latest in meds, was to have the person pain free so the body could concentrate on healing rather than suffering.
Go get 'em Frances. He has put up such a fight, that he deserves the care givers to get with the program. Sometimes you think that medical care was about them, rather than about the patient.

Denise in PA said...

Trashy beach that could be intersting! ;))

Jackie is correct, the new protocal in hopspital/nh care is is as pain-free as medically possible. There have been quite a few medical studies (not funded by drug companies of the pain meds) that show the body heals faster when pain is reduced as far as possible. See if you can get your hands of a copy of the hospital/nh's Patient Bill of Rights...that info would be in there...and each facility is mandated to post a copy in plain view on each floor.

Knitting Dreams said...

aw Frances sure wish you lived near where I work, trust me, I am notorious for making sure my residents are as pain free as possible, even threateing to call the state on the NH doc for neglect and abuse for not ordering the appropriate pain meds. You have so much on your plate right now. God Bless you and know you and Bob are in my prayers