Monday, January 01, 2007

Finished two scarves under close supervision

I hate making scarves but people in my family want them! I finished my mother's birthday scarf and Caroline's Christmas scarf today ANDI am scarved out for a while. I had the close supervision of Gizmo, my dog and Apache the usually invisible cat. I gave myself a watching Monk and sitting around in my nightgown day.


Denise in PA said...

Now, I love making scarves! LOL I just finished one for my sister...out of that green Disco yarn she gave me at the hotel. Love Apache...such a pretty cat! Glad you have all that supervision...even Gizmo looks content in her quilt.

Amanda Cathleen said...

yeap, totally with you! Right now, I hate making scarves. (I have one to finish and one to start) Once you reach a certain point its hard to see that you've made any progress at all!!
awwww, gizmo and apache are too cute for words! : )
Happy New Year girl

Jackie said...

I joined a knitting pattern a week club, and 90% of the patterns have been scarves!! Not even happy about that, but should you ever think that you would love, just adore, and need to make a scarf, I have the pattern for you.
Gizmo and Apache are very pretty. Great pictures of them! What a face. A pair of socks in Apache's colors would be very pretty, I think. And more interesting than scarves.

Dipsy Doodle said...

Your scarves look absolutely fantastic - and I *so* love the pics of your lil' furry ones, they're just too cute!

Dipsy D.

Becky said...

Gizmo and Apache are so cute!
I love Monk!

Anonymous said...

I've watched a few friends work on scarves. I'll admit (to just a few people) that my mom included instructions on how to sew on buttons and stitch up small tears. She even taught us to embroider so neatly that the back looks almost as good as the front. But my brain turns to sludge when trying to absorb how-to on this type of craft.