Sunday, December 30, 2007


Where has my vacation gone! I'm lucky to work in a school so I know that I get very generous vacations BUT this one seems to have shot by with the speed of ? (well not my knitting needles!) I had planned to get in lots of rest and wanted to have my neverending Kauni sweater done. I really think that the sleeve unravels itself after each knitting session.

Yesterday, I got some sock knitting in while visiting my friend and some very special knitting on her last project. I was grandma sitting (she's 96 and frail but sharp as a tack) for a few days. She is the grandmother who taught me to crochet (which I hate). She never seems to ask for anything but I spend all day doing one little thing or another. In some ways it is like having a small child around. Life is dominated by meals, secret naps and trying to allow her independence without putting her in a dangerous situation.

Today, I am feeding the twin addiction of quilting. I'm going with my mother to a quilt shop for her to buy material for a quilt for my oldest niece. I still rememberthe quilt I made for Laura when she was born.

I'm hoping the finish the Kauni sleeve today, I want that sleeve done before 2008!!!!

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