Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just a LAZY WEEK!!

I've been off from work this week and I made nonstop plans, but somehow many, almost most of them were changed or canceled and WOW am I glad. I spent a lot of time just reading, sleeping, hanging out with the dog, watching daytime TV!!! and working on my Central Park Hoodie. I guess I needed the rest more then I thought.

This morning I went and had my nails done and soon I'm taking a lasagna and a big pot of sausage and meatballs over to a friend's house and a bunch of us are getting together to knit and hang out for the evening.

Sunday, it's my niece's shower THEN YUCK back to work. I love my job but I could use a linger break. I think I'll adjust to retirement just fine! (in a few years or so)

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Duane and Nancy said...

Ok, third time is a charm, lets see if this will publish this time :)

It's 3:30 am and now I have a craving for lasagna and some sausage and meatballs!