Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I've just done something that I excited about. I signed up for a class with Annie Modesitt. It is on March 8th and is about knitting with color. I've done the techniques she is teaching but I'm never satisfied by my knitting with different colors. Other people's work always looks neater, more even etc. SO maybe I'll learn how to improve my technique!

I finished my Central Park Hoodie, now I need to go buy a separating zipper for it. I was going o put buttons on but this jacket like sweater is just asking for a zipper. I did it in Malibregio yarn in dusty olive and I JUsT LOVE IT ALREADY. Now I need to start back on the sweater I'm testing the pattern for. I am considering just doing the button band and calling it a vest if I can't get the sleeves to cooperate!

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Siercia said...

Oh, taking a class with Annie Modesitt sounds like so much fun!