Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Vacation

This is the MidWinter break for NYC teachers. I have been on break since last Friday. I'm finally relaxing now! As soon as I was actually on break I felt crummy and fluish and spent the last few days being sick. Not sick enough to go to the DR but sick enough to just want to sleep, knit a bit and then sleep again! In spite of that, I did get a surprising amount done in the last few weeks!

My family is having a baby shower for my niece on Sunday, she is the first of the cousins to be expecting. I don't see her often as she lives in out of state so I knitted her three sweaters--- A Newborn 5 hour boy sweater, a really cute little hoodie about 6 month size and a really cute cotton sweater with car buttons. I chipped in with my sisters for a stroller and some other gear which is off her registery but somehow that stuff never seems like a real gift.

A friend of mine just became a grandmother so I made an EZ Baby Surprise sweater and a really cute ragged edge flannel nap quilt in the 5 Little Monkeys print. Now I want to get back to my two adult sweaters for me. The Central Park Hoodie is moving along, I hope to wear it as a spring jacket this year and the sweater from the pattern I am testing is resting in the time out spot for not cooperating sleeve wise!

Today I went on a little Yarn Crawl with some friend from my knitting group. We went to three shops in Montclair. Very nice friendly shops, very different from each other and each packed with yarn calling my name. I was pretty restrained yarn wise but went a bit nuts with buttons. I am going to take pictures and show everything in a day or so. We had a very delightful lunch and they were back to pick kids up from the school but AND I who finally have grown children who work took a nap and did some knitting!

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