Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 25th

WOW, two weeks since I blogged! When I first started this blog I thought I would blog every day or at least every few days. Then I thought well every week, NOW unless I'm in a swap which requires it I could go a month or more. Why is this? I read other people's blogs just about every day. They aren't doing stuff for the most part that is so wildly different from me. They work, commute, garden, knit, deal with family stuff but these people I've decided are writers. They can take the same every day things we all go through and make it seem interesting. OR they are photographers who can take delightful pictures of the world around them that just sucks your eyes right in. So me I'm a teacher, reader, knitter, quilter. I can explain well, and break learning task down to make them easier to master, and I read so my mind is full of ideas, and my knitting and quilting is (IMHO) very good but without pictures how do you communicate it? SO for me all the things I good at don't make for a particularly interesting blog!

Having said all that I've been busy for the past two weeks, work is busy and very interesting. I'm taking a class to learn the Mel Levine , All Kinds of Minds Program. Even though I am nearing retirement I still love to learn new ways to do my job better.

Work on sheet rocking Caroline's upstairs sitting room continues -- so dust still continues! I've rearranged part of my kitchen and really like the change AND I weeded and mulched my flowerbeds. Some years I don't get to do this until school is out and then they never really look like they should.

I've still plodding along on Mr Green Jeans in red -- just about finished with the body so all I have left is the sleeves and button bands. I'm hand sewing the bindings on three baby quilts. One is for the grandchild of my friend who passes away in January. She had asked me to make a quilt for her a few years ago and I got it mostly finished then my husband got sick and with hospice and whatever I put it aside. I don't know who it was originally meant for but it does seem like a blessing that it can go to this grandchild. The other two are for a friend I work with. She had twins in NOVEMBER and is still waiting for her quilts. There is really no excuse so I do owe her something else as a "I'm so sorry!".

Well this has gotten so long that even I am loosing interest!

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Katya said...

Frances, I have been coming back here and waiting for more! Never ever think that your blog is any less interesting than any other!!!

I have come to think that people must be bored silly by my photos of the same flowers, the same birds, the same ole same ole...Since my world is contained in such a small space most of the time, I am afarid I must bore people. But, to me, the main reason why I blog is to satisfy the longing to have for what I believe was my missed calling...I always wanted to be a photojournalist, but my OLD MAID counselor in jr. high was more interessted in the kids whose parents had $$$ than poor, dumb kids like me. To say I was discouraged by this woman is a big understatement...But, it is okay, cause my life is fine and dandy! Some bumps in the road, but we all have experienced those!!!

Keep writing, dear Frances...I love reading about your cannot imagine the vivid images you have embedded in my mind with your knitting adventures!!!