Sunday, May 04, 2008

What a week!

This week was one of those weeks where anything that can go wrong went wrong. I had Monday off as a comp day but I spent the day doing errands, chores and getting set up for a medical test that I had to complete on Tuesday.

Tuesday, I left my house a few minutes late because I just could not get out of bed, then got gas, went to the bank, picked up coffee all because I was leaving early to finish up this test and so NO carpool. So I was about TEN minutes later then normal and I was one of the first cars to get stuck on a bridge behind an accident which closed the bridge for THREE AND ONE HALF HOURS!!!!!! Because of where I was I could not exit. SO I knit and knit (thank God for my pocketbook sock) and then squirmed and squirmed because of a nice venti coffee!!!! So I got to work HOURS late did some work to set up a yet another standardized test and turned around to come BACK to NJ to take my medical test.

Wednesday was a normal day but wild because of a meeting we were having on Thursday morning at 7:15. The day ended nicely with dinner with my daughter. Who knew sushi could be so relaxing!

Thursday, as soon as my carpool partner got in the car she started feeling dizzy and lightheaded. We went into work and after my meeting she was doing much worse and Wound up taking her back to NJ and spending the entire Day shuttling her around before finally taking her home AND in my rush to leave I FORGOT MY KNITTING at work!!! Fortunately, her MD had a delay in seeing her and we went to my house where she rested and I grabbed an emergency dishcloth to work on!

The rest of the week was alternately boring, or frustrating (new company doing a cable installation----NO COMMUNICATION---between the people who set things up and the installers!!! BUT enough on my whining I did get a quilt finished for a friend at work even though I missed the shower because of ALL the time the installer took!

NEXT week has to be better! although with all the work I have piled up I'm not sure how that can happen!


Secret Pal said...

Package form your Spring Fling Coffee Swap pal is on its way!!!!

Katya said...

What a TERRIFIC quilt! I love the colors. You are SO productive...when you aren't knitting, you are quilting! Oh, to get so much DONE!!!!

You had me giggling so with the knitting "adventure" in the car! What a remarkable way to spend "found" time!

I certainly pray things are going better for you, but remember that weeks like this one mentioned make us SO happy for the "mundane"!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day, Frances!