Sunday, September 21, 2008

Greetings from the Shore

Yesterday, my grandmother, mother, sister, daughter, nephew and I went to see a movie filmed in the town where we have spent all our summers and where my mother and grandmother now live year round. The plot of the movie barely existed and the ending was sweet, pat and totally unrealistic BUT what a trip to see Lavallette on the big screen. All the little cliches of summer love at the beach were trotted out and it was totally fun to remember each one. My grandmother in her late 90's is getting increasingly frail and it is harder and herder for her to get around so I don't know how many more outings like this we will have.

Today, I started visiting hospice patients in a local nursing home. Up to now I visited people at home and they were younger and more alert. Sitting with these older people today made me so grateful that so far my grandmother has been able to stay at home and that my husband was able to spend his last time in our house. The nursing home is clean, nicely decorated and seems to be staffed with lovely people but....

I have knit 12 and a half inches on my gansey and now is when I can mess up. In my boredom with just going around I can start the sleeve gusset and interesting yolk part to early. I am going to measure my favorite sweater and FORCE myself to knit the body long enough. I need some behind coverage with this sweater! So now that I've already done the cleaning and cooking I have planned, I'm going to put comfortable clothes on and quilt and knit the afternoon away.

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Katya said...

How amazing it is that your grandmother is in her late 90's and can still get around! Yikes!!!

That movie must have been fun to see, even if it wasn't great. It is fun seeing familiar things on the big screen!

I am sitting here, shivering, after getting all wet from closing the pool a little earlier. I keep thinking even if I cannot knit a sweater, perhaps I should get out some stuff and at least do a little crocheting. It is terrible feeling so frustrated!!!