Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back to Work Again!

This Summer I was doing well with blogging frequently then I went to California to visit my sister and her family and I had a really wonderful time BUT I got back to NJ the night before I had to go back to work. I usually go back to work a week before I have to be there SO work has been very hectic but really OK.

I'm working on a gansey and right now I'm in the acres of plain stitch body so it is a bit boring. I can't get myself going to finish the Lady Feb sweater or to do the hour of finishing on the pinwheel sweater or the twenty other little jobs I need to do. Work is interfering with my life!

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Katya said...

AAAArrrgghghhh!! Work ALWAYS interferes with life!!!

It is hard coming home from a glorious little trip and then returning right to always seems more pleasant when we can savor some of the "afterglow" from a wonderful time spent with those we love!

Sounds like you have gotten into the "knitting groove, though. A gansey? Oh, I do hope you put up some photos! I have been thinking that IF life ever slows down for just a MINUTE, I might look at Web's and see if I can order up some yarn for a sweater! Patience isn't my stronng point!!!!!