Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm not talking to the gansey

Well, I really should be angry with myself not the sweater. I picked up the RIGHT amount of stitches for the sleeve. I knew it looked big but somehow I convinced my self that something was going to change so I kept on knitting until it looked like I was knitting another sweater out of the arm hole. What is this power of denial while knitting. I put a gazillion stitches and a zigzag pattern into something that was wrong from the first stitch!!!! SO it ALL needs to be RIPPEd out. I went to a meeting during my work day and my friend forgot to bring my knitting bag from school so it is resting in a cold dark school. I just hope it feels bad. I'll measure and frog probably on Friday. On Thursday after school I am supposed to go look at new floors for my almost finished upstairs bedroom.

By Friday maybe I can look at that miserable sleeve!

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Katya said...

Oh Frances,this entry made me giggle so hard! I have had some projects that ended up with me not talking to them, either!

Doesn't anyone bother to actually EDIT instructions before they are printed? Nothing more frustrating than that...well, perhaps wrong directions when going somewhere fit into that category as well!!!!