Saturday, January 03, 2009

Adding to the Yarn Stash

If you ever saw my yarn closet and the various places where I have yarn stored (hidden) it would surprise you (it surprises me) that I spent yesterday going from one LYS to another buying yarns like my house was empty of yarn and I had six years or so of vacation to just sit around and knit!

I was in the company of fellow addicts which does not help and probably even makes my actions seem normal! First we went to Stix and Stitches. They were having a yarn sale and there were some great buys to be had. I picked up enough Silky Tweed by Elsebeth Lavold at half price to make a sweater and I got one of her pattern books for $5. We had a nice lunch then went off following my phone navigator to another yarn shop. the last time we were there, the place had a great sale basket and seemed like a yarn treasure chest. Yesterday, it just seemed like an over stuffed junk pile (nice junk) and the owner was kind of distant and cranky. I did manage to get enough Noro to add to some Noro I had at home to do a vest. Then we went to the last store, Modern Yarns which I had not really liked on our last trip. I got some beautiful kettle dyed wool from Araucania also in the half price bin and some coordinating full price cascade yarn to make another sweater AND and orphan LOrna Lace single skein of sock yarn. A quick stop at Starbucks and we were off to go home!

So now I need to start knitting and not stop for years BUT what did I do when I got home? I ran out to Kohls and spent my preChristmas Kohls bucks on a set of new pots for Steven, a new pair of black dress shoes for me and a new front door mud rug. Well I spent my $30 free dollars and a bit more THEN I jumped back into reading about Sookie Stackhouse and the vampires! I can not believe that I am reading all this nonsense BUT it really is entertaining.

Today , I need to get organized to return to work, meet my mother and grand mother for lunch and make two baby quilts BUT all I really want to do is get book 8 in the Sookie Stackhouse series!

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Katya said...

Oh Frances! I am loving reading about your fixation..addiction! to yarn! How cool that you can get the yarns and have them to look forward to! I am afraid Mark would not understand...When I was looking at a fancier camera one day, he just rolled his eyes and told me I was insane. Ah well...Men do not understand the "womanly" art of lining thier "nest"! Oh, they love their "boy toys" but anything we want is just "extras". hehehe

I was reading a blog from a retired teacher in Scotland. She was saying how after Christmas, she would get the "blues". She supposed it was partly the return to school and the regimine. You have so much to look forward to with your are amazing! I think you might be inspiring me to pull out my crochet books and get some projects started. (cannot knit right now, as yarn is a little pricier than crochet cotton and the crochet will keep me busy for a LONG time!!!!)