Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another Lucy bag being felted!

Well, four done and one to go! I finished my niece's bag and cast on another for my daughter's co worker's ! I'm doing the fifth of these bags in WOA fern. It will be my last for a while although I do want another felted bag for myself.
I knit with a group at Border's Cafe last night for three hours. I can really get a good chunk of knitting done in three hours. Jake's slippers are waiting to be felted and then I can put the non slip sole on his and Carols' THEN STOP KNITTING for other people for a while.
I am considering either finishing a sweater I started this summer OR casting on an Einstein coat or sweater for myself. I would like to have both finished by spring when I can get out of a winter coat! BUT I also have so much sock yarn calling my name.

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