Saturday, January 28, 2006

Some yarn followed me home.

There must be a type of denial or delusion that takes over every time I think of being around yarn and not bringing some home!
I went to the knitting party at AC Moore and got the chance to visit, shop and knit with some of my knitting friends from both Monday and Tuesday! There was no yarn at AC Moore that really needed to come home with me so I left after knitting for a bit on my STR (sock that rocks) second sock but I was sitting on a stool and it really was not comfortable so I headed over to the Knitting Gallery SALE. I ran into 5 knitting friends there also in search on wonderful yarns at a bargain! I thought that I was almost out of there with only one little ball of sock yarn when I saw the Blue Heron Rayon Boucle in Rain Forest. Well, it's home with me and already started into a Knitpick Drop-Stitch Twisted Shawl! AND There's another knitting outing at Michaels on Sunday !!!!!!!!


Denise in PA said...

Hey, these are *my* colors! The shall is going to be very colorful...and lovely!

Sharon said...

I love Blue Heron yarns and those colors are gorgeous!!!