Saturday, February 11, 2006

1st day's progress from Knitting Olympics

Yesterday, I attended a Cast Off Party to start my knitting Olympics projects---socks! I'm using my usual pattern, toe up on two circs, with an after thought heel. My challange will be finishing them within the time span of the Olympics. I've made such good progress so far, that right now it does not seem too difficult! While I was at the cast off party I did more then knit I made a convert to toe up two circ knitting! I helped a fellow knitter cast on and start her toe! I've been knitting so much that I have not done much with any of my other hobbies. I just added a picture of a piece of redwork I did a few years ago. This morning I need to make soap and lotion bars. More pictures on Sunday!


Denise in PA said...

Love that sock yarn! Sooo, Frances, you think she'll remember how to do the toe for the second sock??? I think I drove you nuts when I tried to do it myself! :)

Frances said...

YOU could never drive me nuts knitting!

Redwork in Germany said...

Your Redwork piece is beautiful.