Sunday, February 19, 2006

Back to real life!

I spent last weekend quietly knitting through the snow storm. I missed Monday at work due to the snow but the next four days at work more then made up for the extra day off. In New York City where I work the children are taking a math test in early March. We are on vacation for a week, come back for a week then BANG the test! As Math Staff developer for my school, this really felt like crunch week. BTW, almost ALL the snow is gone but it is now bitterly cold!

So now I have a week to clean my house, knit, visit with friends etc. Hmmm , wonder which I'll concentrate on?

I also worked on getting a swap ready for a soap group I belong to. A friend of mine helped me finish it up and now it will be mailed off on Tuesday. Lots of nice soaps, lotions and other bath treats are on the way out.

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Denise in PA said...

Now I really can't wait to get my swap box!!!! Let's see...mailing Tuesday...I should have mine before Friday!