Sunday, July 09, 2006

Can bones hurt?

I have been very busy the last few days doing outdoor chores and refinishing some outside furniture. My daughter and some of her friends have been helping me get the spring outside work done and getting the family room floor wheelchair ready for Bob. He will have everything he needs on one floor. We are painting ,replacing some rugs with smoother flooring and dejunking. We have to add rails and remove the thresholds. I can't just watch them work so I've been working along with them and then just keeping on by myself. ALL my muscles hurt and I think even my bones! The only exercise I've been getting is knitting! Caroline had her oldest best childhood friend sleep over last night so I got up early this morning and made a double batch of my cream scones and Becky's banana muffins. We had some and then I brought the rest to the nursing home for Bob and the weekend staff. I had breakfast in the backyard, and read the paper there, that alone makes all that yard work worth it! Now I'm going to make myself a light cold latte and try not to move anything except my knitting fingers for the rest of the night!


trek said...

Good for you!
Coming tomorrow night?

Denise in PA said...

Frances, let me say how proud I am of everything you are doing! Bob is a very luck guy...and you are a very speical woman. And...yes, bones can hurt! ;)