Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not much knitting but lots of other things going on

Is everyone else melting out there? My AC bit the dust a little over a week ago! There is one small chance of getting it going again BUT I spent a lot of time this week buying TWO window units, lugging them home myself and putting them in. My windows tilt out so I can only keep part of the house cool. I spent most of last week painting, rearranging and getting the downstairs ready for Bob to come home. He is coming home on my birthday, August 5th just for a trial, from 11 to 6. Hopefully he will come home for good on August 14th. We will start with home health care then transition to hospice when he needs more services. We had a frustrating doctor visit on Friday. Through miscommunication my poor husband was carted off by ambulance to see an orthopedic who would not see him BECAUSE he is post surgery!!!! Well DUH that was carefully explained when the visit was being set up!!!!! You would have thought that he would have share that little tidbit BEFORE we paid for an ambulance etc. It has taken Bob all weekend to recoup from the visit. After lots of venting on my part and much apologizing from the staff we are now are working on setting up an appointment with the first surgical deity who cannot be usurped by the local deity. He has an appointment with a pain management doctor Monday afternoon and I hope that he has some ways to help Bob. He is in constant pain and if that could be addressed things would be so much better! I'm up to the heel flap on my latest STR club sock and just about up to the cuff on a very nice sparkling sock. I need some sparkle in my life now. I made and gave away three of the petal bibs from the One Skein book and the Moms were thrilled with them. I had to reassure them that they really are made to be used!!!!!


Becky said...

Melting all over the place here!
so sorry to read all that you've both been going through, : (
Happy early Birthday in case I forget, : )

Denise in PA said...

Hang in there...and try not to melt. We only have two window a/c units. I use a fan to suck the cool air into the living room! The car's a/c has been out for three years now...Bill finally gave in and ordered the parts! You all are in my prayers...and your Birthday Box is on it's way...guarnateed to bring some "sparkle" into your life! ;))

trek said...

Great to see you last night. Hope Bob's visit home goes well and that he can pet the dog.

Neatnik's A/C is about to quit on us here, too. Poop.

~Looking forward to the thunderstorms.