Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Two Finished Projects and what's going on now!

I've been knitting with Sugar'n Cream the last few days. A real change from the sock yarn kick I've been on for months! The first is a bib from One Skein by Leigh Radford and the kitchen mat which was inspired by the Mason Dixon crochet bath mat.
The bib was challenging to make with following the short row shaping but really fun. I'm going to trim the fringe on the mat but it really is very soft and cushy.
Yesterday, Bob and I met with a nurse from a hospice program as suggested by his doctor. We have not decided if we are ready to use hospice services yet. I hate this whole insurance scramble. It seems like a cruel game. You need this, but they will give you some of it---- if you handle EVERYTHING perfectly, jump through each and every hoop, and anticipate all contingencies perfectly! Tracking down his doctors, getting information from the insurance companies,whose's a provider who is not etc.
I really want to concentrate on taking care of Bob and myself and so much of my time and energy goes to managing these other details. Right now the plan is for Bob to see a spine specialist July 28 and hopefully get a more comfortable brace and better pain management. I am hoping for him to come home mid to late August. We are trying to figure out the home care, pain management etc. Caroline and I are working on setting up the family room floor for Bob. He will have a bathroom, kitchen ,family room and bed all on one level and wheelchair ready. My friend is lending me a ramp and one of those scooter motorized chairs. Hopefully Bob will be able to be comfortable and we will see what will happen!


Anne in NJ said...

Hi,Fran--Thanks for the update on Bob. Continuing to send out good thoughts to and for you and the family. Good luck with the insurance--not easy to deal with at the best of times, let alone when so much is going on with Bob.
Such a cute bib! Yes, I'd say cotton knitting was a 180 from knitting socks. Knitting is such a comfort in a crisis for me; hope it's helping you keep on going.

jessica said...

Frances, what gorgeous knitting you do. I don't knit myself but I love to see what great things you come up with. Thanks for the update on Bob; keep us posted -- we are there for you.

trek said...

Hey Frances - Hope everything goes well today with the specialist.

I started a washcloth - that Sugar n Cream is kind of seductive - not like socks but still.