Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Great Boxes Came in the Mail Today

I wish I had my camera to show the treats I received in the mail today! My one skein partner sent me a BEAUTIFUL pair of cozy cable footies. They are a delightful violet, and I just love them. What beautiful work and the very first pair of handmade socks that I have had made for me by someone else! THANK YOU Violet. And Violet also slipped in two votive candles in a butter caramel fragrance. I'm burning one now and it is scenting the whole house! AND Libby, who worked with me last year as a literacy staff developer,( I'm a math staff developer )sent me a two skeins of sock yarn from Austria. She and her husband are teaching in Vienna for a few years. The skeins are only sold in Vienna because they are the colors of Vienna's football team. So, I the least sport minded person around will be wearing Vienna Football socks!


trek said...

Yay you!

knitnthings said...

Godies in the mail yea!! You really need to buy yourself a new camera - let the girl child keep the old one.

Violet said...

I'm so glad they finally got there!

I had to send them via the campus mail, which is notoriously slow, but i'm glad they (finally) arrived. I hope you enjoy them.

All the best,