Sunday, September 24, 2006

Knitter's Tea Swap 2

Well, I received my Tea Swap buddy this weekend and received a message from the person who will be sending to me. So in honor of the tea swap I've been drinking tea all weekend. So far, I've had vanilla bean tea from the sensuous Bean, in NYC and an unlabeled Chai Tea which I love and can't remember where it came from to replace! I also made a pitcher of cold green tea flavored with a bit of lavender rosemary honey. It sounds strange but is a great combo. I'm also almost finished with my sparkly tan and gray socks. They are VERY fraternal really close to just cousins! I did one either at the hospital or rehab with Bob and I can't remember exactly what I did. Reading the stitches is more trouble then it is worth so anyone looking at these sock cuffs is in for a surprise. I'll have to be sure to wear long pants with these and photograph them with a disguise in mind! The camera is still in the land of lost stuff taken to college by Caroline. Maybe she will let me borrow it back.

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Denise in PA said...

Hey...I wanna see those faternal "cousin" socks! ;) Sounds like the ones I made from the STR yarn you gave me for my birthday. They match just fine...up to the heel! Honestly I can not figure out how or why they decided to be different at that point!