Friday, July 20, 2007

Finally Got to Knit Today

Today I had a DR apt. I took my sock in homes of having some knitting time but the Dr was running exactly on time and I whizzed in and almost out. He noticed that I haven't had a bone density test so they asked me to wait a half an hour to get one. I was thrilled!!! I almost finished my sock before going back to day labor at my house! Nothing is finished but I keep starting new projects. On Sat. I am going to work on finishing up what I can and bringing back some order to this house. I was supposed to go to a Harry Potter event with friends at Barnes and Noble tonight but I had to drive the plumber home and there were already 750 people in the store by the time I got there so even though my friends had a bracelet for me I could not get in. Oh Well, I'll go to bed early and maybe have the place back in shape by Sunday night!


KSD said...

Did your SP reveal package arrive? (I was your SP, and hate to think it went missing.)

Frances said...

When I read your comment I thought I'll just forward her my e mail, it must have gotten stuck in her spam filter or something. So I started searching through my sent mail and I hang my head in shame. I thought about how much I liked and appreciated your spoiling, how much I love the slippers, I even took a picture (and promptly misplaced the camera) I JUST DIDN'T SEND IT!!!!!!! I'm so sorry. I appreciated all your thoughtful cards and generous imaginative boxes! You were a great Secret Pal and I'm sorry I was so careless