Tuesday, July 03, 2007

July 3rd

I keep meaning to post on this blog but then I do other things and at the end of the day I still have not posted!!!! I received several GREAT swap boxes and took pictures of them but now the camera is missing so no photos.
I have not been knitting much BUT my garden is looking great. I've spent days yanking and pulling grass from my flower beds. a few years ago the people who take care of the lawn reseeded without covering the beds and I had better grass in my beds then the lawn. BUT now the beds look the way I want them. I lost lots of my perennials in neglecting the garden these last few years so I was able to add lots of plants and still have room for more. I also dragged and wheeled out so much brush from my yard that the entire street front of the house if bordered by a line of it waiting to be picked up by my town at their convenience!
The patio project seems to be nearing completion and I think I am going to love it. Next year I plan to have tons of fill brought into the yard and have real grass replanted. Right now I'm just out of time and money.
Yesterday I had to take my mother into NYC for a small medical procedure SO I had some knitting time. I have to complete the left front one sleeve and part of another sleeve and then the finishing of my silk garden sweater. I'm just loving how it is coming out. I need to stop working outside so long that I collapse at night and leave myself some knitting time.

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laurie said...

Hello from a fellow knitter and KVVS "traveler". It sounds like you need a real vacation, not just a virtual one! Just time and energy to work in the yard and putter around doing those little things that make the difference in a home. Your entry tells me that you are on your way, but until we come up with a way to add hours to each day, it will be another season. I know what you mean about yard work though. We have eliminated our lawn (water is a big issue in California), continue putting in a terrace with a stone wall and floor, and adding low-water-needs flowering plants and bushes to attract the hummingbirds and butterflies as well as a source of protection for other birds. (And that's just our front yard.)
Remember to take a bit of time each day for yourself...some call it knitting time, but it's good mental health time too. :)