Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Maytag Saga continues!

Last week I received a phone call from a delightful women from Whirlpool Customer Service scolding me for not responding to her call to me canceling the servicing on my "new refrigerator". When I said "What call, I never received a call, I have an appointment for Wed." I was briskly informed, "Don't tell me that, I called you, my boss is right here!" I'm still a bit baffled as to how that proves she made the call. I was informed that she "does not have service people in my area SO my service was being canceled!" This is from the same women who made the original appointment. NOW, even in this range of delightful service how is this my fault?
Well, I had to call Maytag back and after much switching and waiting and BS I got a coveted appointment for this morning. The service man was here and he very politely informed me that the freezer is not really working well because I have food on the shelf in front of the fan. I had to have him repeat this several times because I had a hard time understanding that the top shelf (which is the largest space) is designed as follows, the left third is taken up by the ice maker, the middle third is reserved for the FAN and I can actually use the space on the right side, the smaller bottom shelf and the two shelves on the door. Oh, I can actually place a few items, maybe like a small pack of peas on the shelf under this wonderful fan. So my freezer will work perfectly if I don't use most of it.
I pointed out to this man that I am not new to the planet and at 56 have owned other freezers. I was told that this is a new improved model and very energy efficient! His suggestion was to buy a small freezer chest. YEAH RIGHT I'm going to run right back and do that! I just hope I don't need to buy more IMPROVED models soon! The finale of this service call was being told that in the first three months they don't charge for "customer education" calls but after that if I need help determining how much of the freezer is not available for use they will charge me.

You can't make this stuff up!!!!!!!

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Katya said...

Oh Frances...so the educator needs an education, eh? I would be seeing RED, especially since I have *seen* some of the servicemen.
Not to be too judgemental, but I seriously have wondered the amount of gray matter stashed under their hats. Customer education. That is a whole new concept to me! Is this so-called educational concept printed inside the textbook that came with said refrigerator? If not, I think *I* would pass to the principal and become a bit of a squeaky wheel. You know, the one that gets the grease? Gadzooks! You purchased a refrigerator with your hard-earned $$$, unaware of the fact that much of the space inside the freezer is for the FAN? What next? As I said, red would be *my* color du jour until I saw some type of recompense for this little exercise. Also, the fact that Mademoiselle Dragonlady treated you like a (deaf) 2 year-old only adds more kindling to the fire! I wish we were closer. Mark is famous (in our home) for getting wrongs made right. I tell him all the time he missed his calling as either an attorney or an advocate for those who are being mistreated by (very) large corporations!!!!