Sunday, March 02, 2008

How Far Is Spring?

I should have been born in a warmer climate. I know NJ is not as cold as many other places but I just hate winter. It's not just the cold I hate, what I really hate is getting up at 4:45 for work, traveling a good part of the way is the dark and then returning home in the dark. I'm luckier then many people with my schedule because my desk is right near a window and most of the classrooms I work in do have natural light BUT this dark commute makes me feel like a mole!
There is a new earlier retirement plan that is becoming available to teachers in NYC and when I was wondering if I wanted to do it, two things came to mind---no more commuting in the dark and unlimited knitting time. The disadvantages are -- I really love my job and I like being able to afford to do just about anything I want knitting wise. SO it seems that early retirement might give me the time but not the money!!! Oh well, I think March is a month made for complaining!!!!

I still need to get the zipper for my sweater and I need to make peace with the sleeve of the sweater I am test knitting ( it is very close to becoming a vest!). I'm working on a mistaken rib scarf in a great alpaca I was given for Christmas by a teacher at my school and I'm trying to decide which sweater in my mental line up is jumping on my needles next!

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