Saturday, August 23, 2008

Touring Around

Yesterday, I spent with my sister basically in Livermore the town where they live. We went into the downtown area which is being renovated or gentrified into a cute little area with shops and outside dinning along a central mall with fountains etc. Very nice. We went to a quilt shop which I had found in a quilting travel book I bought to share with Laurie. I got Fall/Halloween material to make a wall handing and table runner for my sister's family and material to make a quilt for myself to remind me of this trip.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant in the outside eating area then went on a tour of the Wente Winery, the oldest family owner winery in the US. Very interesting then a quick visit to Trader Joe (I think Whole Foods is much nicer) then back home to just hang out and relax. I spent some time at the pool then when my brother-in-law came home we went out for dinner. We ate at a local Italian restaurant. I had Choppino (sp) which is supposed to be a local speciality and wine from the winery we visited earlier in the day.

My nephew picked up Caroline from her hotel but I was passed out by the time she got here. Today we are going into San Francisco to sight see and visit Alcatraz. Sunday, is Muir woods and I'm not sure what else, Monday we will go down to Santa Cruz , Tuesday my sister and I will take BART to San Francisco by ourselves to have a last look around then I'm on my way back Wed.

It has been so nice to just spend quiet time with all of them especially my youngest nephew. He was born in Australia and has never lived in NJ so I know him the least.

I've been knitting on my ravelery sock but I hate the way the cables are coming so I'm going to do the second one with a different design. My feeling is that the Olympians don't make the same mistake twice if they can help it!

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Katya said...

Wow! It looks like you are one busy girl! What fun you are having. You will (of course) need a vacation for a few days after you return to unwind some!!! What a great idea to make a quilt to remind you of your adventure! That is so cool. Enjoy your time there...I am sure you will!!!