Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Floor ----to be continued!

My friend's husband started working on my floor early yesterday, and things were going fine--- most of the family room is done UNTIL he slipped and severed part of the tips of two of his fingers. WOW, did that perk us up. Fortunately, his wife is a nurse and she works 5 minutes from my house so she had him rushed to the ER in record time. They were not able to reattach the severed pieces although we did wrap them in clean wet paper towels saved in a baggie. today he is home and needs to follow up with a plastic surgeon but probably will be fine. So the downstairs is on hold BUT I finished the floor in my yarn and fabric closet or that spot where fabric and yarns go to rest until they are called to serve!
Maybe a picture tomorrow!

Meanwhile, I'm clean out and sorting etc. The only knitting is dish/wash cloths and they are for swapping partners.

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Katya said...

What a pretty floor, but OH, what a tragedy!!!! The poor fellow. The thought of it makes me want to SCREAM!

When I was a young teen, my dad was remodeling my bedroom. He was actually finishing up a long remodel, trimming some molding. He held a small piece in his hand and was using an Exacto knife to trim. Oops, he slipped and nearly cut his middle finger off at the second joint. He came downstairs, blood dripping everywhere, holding his finger in place with te other hand. I nearly DIED on the spot as he asked me for a BANDAID!!!!!!!!! He had the finger stitched back together, but it was never quite the same.

Now, picking up "pieces"....ugh. You brave soul...I could NEVER do that!!!!!

So, you actually did part of the flooring yourself? You truly ARE a marvel, Frances!!!