Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stash Hide Out Reorganized!

I am showing this "reorganization" for two purposes.
First, it should be a wake up to me about HOW MUCH of this stuff I have because this is NOT ALL!!! I have many more baskets in a corner of the family room and even more in a room up stairs! AND I am going on a yarn crawl with friends Wed. Now if my friends see this they should NOT allow me to buy more. Well maybe buttons?

Second, if you think this is a mess you should have seen it before! I need to go through it and fold and sort and toss but somehow something else always calls!

AND here is the real sick thing--- I have 40more skeins of yarn on the way from various coops and orders! Oh well, if I live long enough to knit and quilt my way through this stuff, I'll be here forever!


Katya said...

Oh MY! You ARE going to live a very, very long time!!!!!!! Wow, I have seen many "stashes", but this one is SERIOUS! And, you have even more?

I envy your ability to quilt. I wish I had the patience and wherewithal to make quilts. They are so "comforting" and beautiful!

Well, you need never worry about running out of projects!!!

idella601 said...

Frances, I am in awe of your stash!Do you ever forget about some of the yarn you have? I hope you had a great yarn crawl. my father- in -law had his pace maker replaced today and by 6pm he and the gang were all sitting in a greasy spoon diner having dinner. Go figure. See you Tuesday.