Tuesday, July 07, 2009

a dog story

I really never tell cute stories about my animals but today is my exception. For a few days I noticed that Gizmo did not seem to be eating his usual Milk Bone dog cracker. There was always one in his usual snack spot. So the other day I was sitting on the couch and I saw Giz eat a milk bone. I anticipated his whining for another one and was waiting for him to start when I saw him walk over to the box, and grab it with his teeth. He had ripped part of the box away, and was able to shake out a milk bone for himself. He took one, ate it in the usual spot and repeated it a few times. When he was satisfied he took one extra and left it in his snack spot. I guess it is like leaving the table set!

We have new neighbors moving into both houses that border on the back of our backyard. Gizmo exhausted himself yesterday and over the weekend barking and watching one family move in so today all he is doing is sleeping. The second owner who is a friend of my daughter is moving in on Wed so it appears he is resting to resume his supervision! I just hope these new people are more friendly them the fussy women who lived there before!


Judith said...

Hilarious! I love dog stories! We have a black lab named Chance who never ceases to amuse us. One evening we came home to find he'd ripped open several bags of yarn. He didn't harm the yarn; he just stacked it all up in a nice pile in front of the television!

Katya said...

Gizmo is one VERY SMART little fellow! That is too funny.

Good thing Gizmo is checking out the new folks. One of the women on a Scottie list I am on claims her little Scottie is a "snoopervisor", constantly cheking everything out to make sure it is "Kosher"!