Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14th

Today is a beautiful day here in NJ. I spent my morning in the yard and doing chores.I think that I am going to love being retired but not just yet! Yesterday, I spent the day in NYC taking a class that will let my school pilot a new program in assessment of K-2 math. It was exciting and I'll miss this when I retire.

Today, I'm still feeling the effects of a sinus infection. I plan to do some quilting and napping until knitting this evening.

I thought I would miss my son while he is on tour BUT so far due to the wonders of the Internet I am talking to him more then when he is at home. He is in Scotland right now and then will have a short break on Rome with the girlfriend! then home in early August.

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Katya said...

Sorry abot the sinus infection!

I signed into Ravelry, but have not even had the time to figure it out yet! So much going on all the time!!!!!!

Sometimes I wish I was WORKING so I could RELAX once in a while!!!! How do people live through two teens wanting/needing to be carted here, there, and everywhere!!!!!

I so envy your son. I would love to see Europe, but don't think it will ever happen!!! Isn't the internet wonderful?