Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Rainy Day in NJ

I understand the need for rain BUT it is getting to be too much here in NJ. We have hardly had any great beach days AND now that we are getting ready for my daughter to have a Christmas in July party which I really wanted mostly outside we are being slammed by rain again. I'm full of hope for a rainfree night Friday!!!!

I went to knitting this afternoon, worked on a swatch for my Adult Surprise Jacket and then my Baby Surprise sweater. Nice afternoon, then Caroline's friend and her baby came for dinner. We had fresh tomato and mozarella cheese with basil from the garden, fussili primavera with alfredo sauce. I made a fun dessert. I poached some fresh nectarines then made a packet of Bird's custard. I filled cake dessert shells with the nactarines, covered that with custard then topped it with a hot chocolate sauce. Just some melted bittersweet chocolate melted with a bit of heavy cream and butter. I don't cook very often but when I do I really enjoy it! After we ate the girls decotated the house with Christmas decorations and I cleaned up. Now for the fun on Friday.


Katya said...

Christmas in July!!! WOW! That sounds like so much fun. Hmmm...instead of snow, we get RAIN! Ugh. I can understand your desire for rain-free weather!

The weather has been rather quirky and there was even a tornado that touched down towards Buffalo yesterday afternoon. Seems like the weather is warm a day or two, thenthe cold weather coms in to CLASH with the warm air left behind!

Your dinner sounds like it was divine!!! I love Italian food and Mark refuses to "go out" for it, thus, I am stuck cooking! WAH! Sinc I am the only one in the family who likes lasagne, we do sometimes buy a meal from one of the pizza places in Canandaigua. Funny thing is, although no one else "likes" lasagne, it is a mystery how it disappears while in the fridge. (and I didn't eat it!)

kathyb said...

how was the party? If I remember correctly, we didnt have rain Fri nite. I won't be at knitting Tues, it is my son's 22nd bday and he is coming home..of course for a free meal. Anyway, I will already be behind in the suprise kal. grr.but I have been pieceing for the quilt..the look and learn I started over a year ago. you will need to help with the quilting.