Friday, August 14, 2009

Three Years Today

Today is August 14th and three years ago my husband, Bob passed away at age 56. It feels like forever and also just a moment! i'm glad he is finished with pain and suffering but I wish he could see how our children are doing,how his constant companion Gizmo the dog is and all the work I've done in the house. Dealing with Bob's disability and terminal illness changed me. First I was a much more angry person but I've become much calmer and understanding and I hope less quick to be judgemental. It's been a while but I really miss him.

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Katya said...

Frances, I remember when Bob passed away, and it really doesn't seem that long.

It really is interesting how we change when a major event in our life forces us out of our comfort zone.

You have accomplished so much in these three years and I am sure you have grown in ways you never realized, too.

I am sure Bob would be so proud of you for all that you have accomplished!