Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 13th!

I can't believe that I let so much time pass without a post! I had such plans for posting very often this summer. I've been very busy with stuff that needed to be done, of no real interest to anyone but me and my family. A good friend was sick, I was sick, my mother was sick etc.

My evening knitting group has been working on knitting the E Zimmermann's Surprise sweater, either the baby or adult version. It's been lots of fun. It is so interesting to see the same pattern is different colors, textures.

I have received wonderful swap packages from my secret pal 14, Ravelery My Other Hobby Swap, and Swap-bot My LYS Swap,and Summer Apron. I took no pictures and by now the swap items are being used and read etc. Everything was great and gave me a lift when I needed one. I apologize for being such a crummy swap partner.

I am back to work in a few weeks and I feel like I've barely gotten a break. I know it is greed to want more vacation when I have so much BUT I just do.

Next Monday my mother is having her gall bladder taken out. She is very anxious and worried so please keep her in thoughts and prayers. I'll be with her for as long as she needs so who know how often I'll get to post again.

I saw the movie Julie and Julia. A young women turning 30 decided to cook her way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one year and blog about it. It was very good and maybe I need a project to spark blogging. What could my project be? Knitting my way through the Knitter's Almanac? Knitting a sweater a month (already pooped out on that one!) but to do her project she had to be selfish. Can you be as selfish as she was if you have a family? would I even want to be?

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Katya said...

Goodness, I was so busy, I have been rather selfishly writing on MY blog and not visiting like I should!!!!

Summer seems to have come and gone more rapidly than EVER this year. And with it came a mutitude of things the kids wanted to do and....

It sounds like you have been so busy, too, but being sick isn't any fun!

I pray your mom came thorugh the surgery well and is recovering. I can understand her is NEVER any fun!