Sunday, November 19, 2006

Enjoying the Weekend

This week end with my nephew and his friend is going very well. We had not been in contact with him for years due to my husband's family's hobby of inventing and nourishing grudges. It has been so good to see my daughter getting to know him again and for me to see the adult he had grown into. He is in the service and scheduled to head off to Iraq in Jan. with some training stops along the way. I sure hope those plans change and he is kept out of harm's way.
This is the first time since Bob passed in August that we have had over night guests and it does really feel good to have the house full again and to cook for more then one! Matthew's friend, Douglas is quite an artist and he took a picture of my husband and made a pencil sketch which so captures Bob's expression. He has offered to do another one for us so that Caroline and I can each have one. It feels strange visiting with Bob's family without him, and it feels strange to be happy but I know that life goes on and the last thing my husband would want for Caroline and I is to just prolong our grief. Caroline and I are going to a tree lighting ceremony to honor Hospice patients on Nov.28. I don't know how anyone can go through this kinds of times alone.
I did get some knitting on my sweater done. I have the back done and one front pocket and pocket detail done. It has a very simple four row eyelet design which I had to rip out about five time because I kept loosing the design. Finally I had to make tick off columns! As I was knitting in the group Matthew looked any my knitting and said,'that how I remember you Aunt Franny, always sewing!'Well at least he did not say crocheting!


Amanda Cathleen said...

sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend : )

Crazy About Sox said...

Hey! there is nothing wrong with crochet... But it is fustrating when people get it confused :)