Friday, November 10, 2006

Here's my latest pair of socks, knit from Lisa Souza's Mardi Gras Sock! I got the chance to meet Lisa Souza at Stitches East and see so many of her other great colorways. I'm doing a craft show myself this weekend. I'll be in Ocean City, NJ Music Pier Sat and Sun selling soaps, cream, lotions, scrubs etc. I hope I sell tons so that I have less to carry back. If the weather is good, this is a great show, if the weather stinks, I get to knit, shop myself and walk around and visit other crafters! Hopefully I will be so busy I just get to run to the Ladies a few times a day and NEVER step out of my booth.


Duane and Nancy said...

here's to a good show!

Becky said...

Cool socks!
Good luck on your show Frances! : )

Lisa said...

It was a nice weekend so I hope you had a great show!!