Sunday, November 26, 2006

November 26,2006

Here's the only Thanksgiving picture I have before my batteries died. The daughter has more but getting them from her will be a chore!
I can't believe that this four day weekend is almost over! I only hope that the next four days of work go as quickly! Even though I didn't work a craft fair this week end I did go to one. I went to a fair that people have told me to sigh up with this promoter for years but the fair was dead. I did get to visit with lots of crafter friends and did buy myself some treats but I saw too many empty hands walking down the aisles and heard the same story from every crafter! It was fun to walk around as a browser with my friend then end the day with cheesecake and knitting at her house instead of lugging everything home!
Today was a lotion making and packing up orders day. I will be going to dinner with my son and daughter later. Steven is going back to Honolulu, Monday morning. I didn't see him as much as I would have liked but what's new with that!


trek said...

I like your china!

Amanda Cathleen said...

Hope you have an enjoyible weekend!